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When Libby Davis loses her best friend in a tragic accident, she can’t find a way through the grief and guilt that consumes her. Desperate to escape the memories that are stopping her from moving on, she visits her Aunt and Uncle on their ranch in Texas.


There she meets Mason Walker, a sexy ranch hand with a mysterious past, and a reputation he wants to leave behind. Despite her reluctance, sparks fly between the two of them, igniting feelings that neither have ever known before.


When someone from Mason’s past starts to cause trouble, will Libby be willing to take a chance on love, or will her already damaged heart not allow her to?


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Savannah Parker is miserable.


The reason: Josh Miller, her brother’s best friend.


Devastated by the unrequited love she has for Josh, she has no choice but to sit back and watch him play the field, her heart breaking a little more each time she sees him.

In an attempt to forget about Josh and move on, she distances herself from those who love her. Josh is never far from her thoughts though. In a desperate attempt to feel something for someone and fill the void, she makes a reckless choice – one that will change her life forever.

Once her secret is revealed, relationships are threatened, and Savannah stands to lose those closest to her. When she needs someone the most, Josh proves to be her greatest support, and soon the lines of friendship become blurred. When she confronts him about his feelings for her, he reveals a secret of his own – a secret that could destroy them before they’ve even started.


Can Savannah and Josh make a relationship work? Or are there some secrets that are too hard to overcome?


When Quinn Montgomery leaves the horrors of her past behind her, she never expects to run straight into the arms of a blue-eyed cowboy. Sneaking into the stables and getting caught in a life-threatening fire was never part of the plan. And neither was falling in love with the man who saved her life, Brody Parker.


The two share an undeniable connection, and slowly Quinn begins to open up about her past. Putting her trust in the wrong person has burned her before, so when Brody asks her to stay at the ranch, she can't help but wonder if she’s about to make another bad decision by staying. A decision that could hurt everyone she’s come to care for. 


Will Quinn choose to run from the past that threatens to catch up with her? Or will she stay and fight, sacrificing whatever it takes for the man who sets her heart on fire?


Life as a single dad is tough, and when Jack Davis gets the chance to spend a couple of months on his family’s ranch in Texas, he doesn’t hesitate. Within hours of arriving, he meets Aria Stanton, the ranch’s horse trainer. He’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain, but falling in love with someone who lives on the other side of the world isn't something he planned on, especially when he knows he can’t stay.

Aria never expected to fall hard and fast for Jack and his adorable son. In an attempt to guard her heart, she fights their undeniable connection, knowing if she gives in to her feelings, she’ll be picking up the pieces of her broken heart when he leaves. Love has other ideas though, and she’s soon in deeper than she’s ever been.

When Jack’s past collides with his present, lies and deceit threaten to tear them apart. Will Aria have what it takes to hold on to their love when she’s the only one able to fight for it, or will they both end up heartbroken?


Libby has no idea what Mason has planned for the Christmas holiday, but she’s eager to find out. When he surprises her with a vacation in a secluded log cabin, she can’t wait to spend some much-needed time alone with him. The vacation isn’t the only surprise Mason has planned, and as the surprises are revealed it quickly becomes a Christmas to remember.Libby has a surprise of her own though.


When Christmas morning arrives will she be brave enough to share her news with Mason? News that could make it their best Christmas yet.Come and celebrate the holidays with Libby and Mason in this sexy and heart-warming short story. Previously published as part of the Christmas Kisses Anthology.


For Cooper, being a single dad was never part of the plan…


After the devastating loss of his wife, Cooper Matthews has to carry on for the one person who is counting on him to come out the other side—his young daughter. She’s all he needs, or so he thinks, until a chance encounter brings Lexi Beaumont into his life.


Escaping a toxic relationship, Lexi returns to the town where she grew up, eager to start over. Meeting Cooper exposes an undeniable chemistry between the two of them. But his conflicted feelings and the love he still carries for his wife, forces him to push Lexi away, keeping her at arm’s length.


Can two fractured hearts come together as one? Or will the past be too much for either of them to overcome?



Ten years after surviving something no child should ever endure, Hallie Anderson is ready to stop hiding in the shadows. With a job she loves, friends who care about her, and a fresh start in an new apartment, she can finally put the horrors of the past behind her.


Or so she thinks…


When the past merges with the present, Hallie once again feels like a scared and vulnerable thirteen-year-old. Desperate to keep her new life, she’s reluctant to accept help, but when events take a dramatic turn, she realizes if she wants to stay alive she has no choice.


What she doesn’t expect is for the help to come from Sawyer Mitchell, a Close Protection Officer who looks like he should star in Hollywood movies rather than watch her every move.


For Sawyer, protecting Hallie will be like every other assignment. He’ll do what he needs to be done then walk away. He never gets close to a client. It makes protecting them harder, but all that changes when he meets Hallie. He’s drawn to her, instantly aware she isn’t like anyone else he’s protected.


Can Sawyer protect Hallie and keep his feelings under control, or will he cross the line and put them both in danger?


When Erin Bishop books a romantic winter vacation in the Montana mountains, the last thing she expects is to be traveling there alone, heartbroken and single, two weeks before Christmas. 

Deciding she can drown her sorrows just as easily with a view of the Montana mountains as the backdrop, she decides she doesn’t need a man to enjoy her vacation. However, she’s not alone for long when a mix up with the rental agency brings Jaxon Moore to her door. When sparks fly, Erin begins to question everything she thought she knew about love and relationships, making her wonder if she’s ever truly been in love before. 

Jaxon is recovering from an injury that threatens to end his career, and just wants to relax in the mountains where he grew up. The last thing he expects to find is a naked woman in the bed of the cabin he’s renting. Bad weather and no cell reception throw them together, whether he likes it or not. However, despite knowing Erin is nursing a broken heart, Jaxon soon feels drawn to her, but is she ready to let him in?

Will this just be a holiday romance, or can their sweet Montana kisses go the distance?



When Ella Fitzgerald makes a pact with her best friend, she never expects he’ll be holding her to it twelve years later. She’s not going to argue, though. She’s been half in love with Theo Townsend since they were kids. Not that he has any idea. She’s always kept her feelings for him buried, knowing if she told him, it could ruin their friendship forever.  

Theo meant every word of the pact he made with Ella all those years ago, but his life as a Major League Baseball player has taken him away from her and their friendship. It looks like he’s got it all: fame, fortune and a different woman on his arm every night. Looks can be deceiving though, and he finds himself comparing every woman he meets to Ella, leaving her never far from his thoughts or his heart.

When the pact brings them back together, it isn’t long before sparks fly. With their lives at polar opposites, are sparks enough to keep the flames of love alive, or will their love be extinguished before it’s even had a chance to start?



Love almost got her killed. She’s not about to give it a second chance to finish the job. 

Paisley Prescott had one thing on her mind when she escaped her abusive husband. Survival. Finding a new romance was not even a remote possibility. Then she met him, and his kindness changed everything for her. Now, against all odds, she’s wishing she could open her heart once again…and it’s utterly terrifying… 

Nash Brookes knows domestic abuse when he sees it. After all, he lived through it with his mother. So, he’ll do whatever it takes to help Paisley, including bringing her home with him to the small town of Hope Creek. Falling for her was not part of the plan. But it doesn’t take long for him to do just that… 

Earning her trust won’t be easy. He will make mistakes along the way. But when all is said and done, can Nash convince Paisley that love is worth the risk? Or will their shot at happily ever after stay buried beneath the pain of her past? 

Is it a second chance at happily ever after—or merely an echo of the love they once had and lost?

Sophie Greene thought she was doing the right thing when she left Hope Creek at eighteen. She knew it would break Cade Brookes’s heart…and her own. But at the time, she was certain she’d made the right choice. Now, back in the small town after her mom died, she’s far from sure.

Cade’s spent the last twelve years trying—and failing—to forget Sophie. And now that she’s home, she wants a chance to explain why she ruined everything they had. Part of him wants to hear what she has to say. And part of him isn’t sure he can ever let her into his heart. Not again, anyway.

But the truth can’t stay hidden forever. And when Sophie’s secrets are revealed, Cade will need to decide if the possibility of a future with Sophie is worth the risk—or if their love should remain firmly in the past forever…

Echoes of Love, book 2 in the Hope Creek Series, is an angsty, secret pregnancy, second chance romance. HEA guaranteed. Download today and prepare to binge read.




Nothing complicates a friendship faster than love…

Seb Brookes has no intention of falling in love ever again. So, when he invites a family friend to move into the apartment above his bar, romance is not on his agenda. That doesn’t stop him from noticing how gorgeous she is, though…or from wanting her. But friendship is all he can handle. He’ll just have to learn to keep his mind—and hands—off his new tenant. That was the plan, anyway…

Taylor Jacobs needed a fresh start—and the small town of Hope Creek was the perfect place to get it. She wasn’t prepared to fall for Seb…but she did. He’s sexy, charming—and emotionally unavailable. She knows love isn’t in the cards for them. But that doesn’t mean a physical relationship is out of the question…right?

The line between friends with benefits and love is whisper-thin, and crossing it could lead to happily ever after…or utter devastation. Which way will Seb and Taylor go? There’s only one way to find out…

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